The Chronicles of the Otter World : Eastern Tails – Episode 2



Thursday, July 24th 1027

Timothy Ellys


“If I had known, I would’ve asked Ashly to create a capsule, an airship, a teleporter or any-bloody-thing else to take us to Johsei…”

“Well you also could’ve asked your wife, you know.” suggested Elliott.

Timothy felt hesitant. “Nyeah, no. You know her. I ask her something and it’s always followed by a grin, her teasing me for days on end and a fifty-fifty chance of it actually working.”

“True that… Still, it’s best for us to take this boat than a capsule where we would’ve been on top of one another… Compressed…” the blond-haired sloth named Elliott Moore shivered.

“Your claustrophoby still not taken care of ?” asked the brown-haired fox named Timothy Ellys.

“How would you want me to ? It’s not as if that kind of problem can be solved in a day.”

Timothy drank his cocktail and decided to lower the back of his deckchair. “Technically, you’re right. But, well, since we have the whole of eternity for us, you might as well get a few days off to talk to a psychiatrist, cause I’m sure they’d be able to get you rid of this phobia.”

“Yeah, well you know how much I hate psychiatrists…” argued the inspector.

The fox sighed. “Jeez you’re a toughie, dude…”

The sloth stretched. “Better to be a toughie and know ourselves best than be a softie who can be toyed with by any low-class crook.”

Timothy rolled his eyes. “Oh come on ! Desmond’s con happened years ago ! And we were quite fortunate he didn’t meddle enough to change the actual culprit. Still, his testimonies were perfect, so him talking bullshit was impossible to figure out until long after the facts.”

“Too open and not wary enough. Just what I was saying, softie.” said Elliott, smiling.

“Shut it… In any case, you will have notced how warier I have become since then. And I’ll be exceptionnally wary on this case, cause you sure as hell don’t meet emperors every so often. Especially for murder cases.”

“And given how much time we’re on this cruise, I’m pretty sure the poor bugger’s corpse will smell of roses and cinammon.” lamented the inspector.

“I just hope they have conserved him well, cause I’m pretty sure Johsei’s quite hotter than Limberg, so if they didn’t, we’ll be in for a smelly treat…”

Timothy’s sarcastic comment met Elliott’s satisfied grin. He frowned. “If you’re smiling because you’re about to tell me your nanobots can act as noseplugs, I’ll ask you to refrain from doing it. I already had quite the nose on Earth, but now…”

“Yeah, I guess your foxy sense of smell is quite the curse in this case.”

Timothy sighed. “You said it… What I gained in actual charisma and natural advantages has been quite lost in… In…”

“Overdevelopped olfactivity ?” chanced Elliott.

“Nyes, though that can be a blessing too in situations where decaying corpses aren’t involved.”

“True that.”

“Another cocktail, Master Ellys ?” asked one of the beayern cruise employees.

“Oooh yes please ! Cheers !”

The waiter held out his hand. Timothy looked through the pocket of his swimming trunks, only to notice he had tipped the previous waiter with his last note. He looked at Elliott. “Any money on you, pal ?”

The sloth showed his bare torso as well as his pocketless swimming trunks. “Do I look like I’m carrying money ?”

Timothy frowned, then looked at the waiter. “Just a sec.” He snapped his fingers, making a black suitcase appear from nowhere, then took two notes inside. “Sorry for the wait. Here. You can keep the change.”

The beayern adressed the Stranger a huge smile, then went away. When the lawyer looked at his colleague, he saw some very disaproving eyes. “You know that Helena would slap you real hard if she saw you do this, right ? That’s cheating ! And besides, she did hand you a definite sum of money so that you wouldn’t show of your magical tools to anyone. It’ll get you into quite a lot of trouble if you’re not careful enough.”

Timothy raised his shoulders. “Forgot my wallet in my cabin and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to go all the way back there only to lose my spot. And besides, I would’ve left the poor sod hanging. He, who, should I remind you, could’ve lost quite some tips from other wealthy and far less patient custommers. Everybody wins ! And, well, we’re not in Johsei yet, so I guess we’re technically on forced vacation, which can be quite a bother to me, but I’ll make do, so there. Case closed.”

Elliott sighed.



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