The Chronicles of the Otter World : Eastern Tails – Episode 5

Yûzô Kazehiko

Yûzô heard his son’s scream and stopped running. He wanted to go back home with him, but he had to check on Naomi first. The man felt torn apart, yet he had to decide. Fast. Clenching his teeth and letting out a growl of frustration, he chose to run twice as fast to see his wife.

He arrived near the bodies and stopped, horrified. He saw Naomi trying to comfort the child. Judging by her reaction, it was clear the kid had witnessed the scene and that the victims were his parents.

“Naomi. Are you okay ?”

He saw despair inside his wife’s eyes. He knew these people were way past saving now.

“You… Bring the child back home. He can’t see this any second longer.”

Naomi nodded, then took the child in her arms. The boy was in such a state of shock he didn’t react when he got effortlessly carried away.

“I’m taking care of the rest, said Yûzô. I’ll see you at home and… Please look after Jun too.”

Once Naomi left, the hundini got closer to the bodies. He was horrified when he noticed they were both the heads of the Matsumae clan.

He felt the cold wind rise. Yûzô Kazehiko had a bad feeling about all this. If nothing was done, then the whole region would be at the center of one of the biggest turf wars Johsei would’ve ever witnessed.


After he finished burying the Matsumae’s bodies with the help of confused and terrified villagers, Yûzô ran home as fast as he could. He had to see his son and the child and make sure they were as well as they could, given the circumstances.

He found Naomi, who was looking over the young kutz. He was lying on the bed, silent and shivering. This brought the hundini some very bad memories back.

Naomi turned around. They exchanged glances. Yûzô knew there was sadly nothing other to do for now here, so he left the room to check on his son in the other room.

The young man was unrecognizable. His eyes were filled with terror and it was clear he felt guilty about what had happened. Yûzô sat on the bed and took his son in his arms.



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