The Chronicles of the Otter World : Eastern Tails – Episode 7

Ryû Sasaki

Ryû woke up, confused. The twilight-like colours on the walls of the building made him realize the day was coming to a close. Oddly enough, he noticed he could clearly see only the right side of his muzzle. He waved his left hand in front of his left eye. Nothing.

Then he heard the sound of someone leaping from his bed. “Master Ryû !”

“Ju… Ri ?” His mouth felt dry. He heard the footsteps of a second person, but couldn’t see any of them. He tried turning his head to get a better look, but was immediately interrupted.

“Don’t move your head, Mister Sasaki.”

Wh… What ? Memories came back like a tsunami. He felt he couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Master Ryû !”

“Mister Sasaki ! Calm down, please. All’s good. You’re safe here !”

He couldn’t hear nor understand them. Why ? Why why why !? “Why can’t I see anything !?” the hundini panicked.

The raion managed pas though the doctors and took the boy’s hand. “Everything’s fine. We’re safe. Your Father’s to arrive soon.”

“My… Father ?” the memories came rushing back as did the pain. His left hand instincively went towards his head.

“Mister Sasaki !” yelled one of the doctors.

Ryû felt some sort of bandage, different from the headband he usually wore. It seemed as if it was blocking his eye. He tried tearing it away, but was once again stopped by the doctor, who firmly gripped his arm.

“Are you insane !? Calm the hell down !”

“Leave… Me… Be !”


The hundini stopped. With his right eye, he could see that Juri was starting to cry.

“It’s… It’s useless ! You eye…”

“We tried everything we could, but it proved fruitless… I’m very sorry, Mister Sasaki.”

He felt his heart stop. No… So it did really happen…

Other memories came back. He felt the greatest fear take hold of him. “Where !? Where’s Iori !?”

“She’s in the other room. Don’t worry, she’ll make it out fine.” said the doctor.

“The wound was pretty bad, but thankfully no fatal damage was done… She’ll make it !” confirned Juri, sobbing.

Ryû felt relieved, yet couldn’t shake off this lingering distress. Everything had happened so fast… Why ? How did it come to this !?



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